Friday, January 15, 2010

Gulf coast sail to beliz and caribbean - stopped by hurricane dolly

La Vida Nueva

Sailing adventure to the caribbean

Join me in fulfillng my life time dream of sailing off into the horizon, of living the sailing lifestyle, of meeting new people, learning about new cultures, and of bringing what I can to those who may be in need, and in the process of growing.

La Vida Nueva, the new life, is the name of my boat.  She is a Tayana 37, a Perry design, I didn't know when I bought her, but she is perfect for one...or two. 

Pehaps that second person will be in my it used be for 26 years before my other half passed to the other side.  It will be fun to find out!

There is something magic in sailing, something I cannot tell you, because it is something powers far greater than I control.  My Tayana 36 is a heavy boat, yet she brushes the ocean waves aside using nothing more than a sail and a jib, kept on line by keel and steered by rudder.  No motor, no gas, no fumes, just this magic thing that happens when one matches sail with wind and stands aside for those great powers to go to work.

Then there is the prospect for adventure.  I have had a lot of adventures in my life.  Unfortunately, most of them happened in the city, in a bank, fixing a house, driving a car.  Very few of them happened in nature, man with nature, and sometimes man against nature.  They will now.  Sailing is, at it's roots, man and nature, and one's wits, and one's foolish pride and lots of trouble at times and lots of fun.  When it is all over and it is time to sell my beloved boat, I am sure I will say, but it was well woth the sacrifices.

Come along, share the adventure, if you are out there then let's become the best of friends and if you are not, then live it from the arm chair until it is your time.  Please email me, tell me what yout think, be part of this wonderful adventure called life.

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